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Proposed Burpengary Community Club

Hervey Bay RSL & Services Memorial Club would like to announce that we are opening a Community Club in Burpengary; Burpengary Community Club.

The location of the Community Club is 10 Henderson Road Burpengary and is part of a bigger development on adjacent land, which includes retail shopping outlets and various other services.  The developer has had approval for this Development and Community Club in place since 2016.

Artists impressions of the new club below.

This is an opportunity for Hervey Bay RSL & Services Community Club Inc to develop outside of our current area and establish a community facility in an area where there is currently no community club operating.  Our focus on servicing our members and the Hervey Bay and wider community will not change, our purpose is to support the Veteran community along with the wider community. 

We have secured an intention to lease with the developer to proceed on the basis of satisfactory License approvals of Liquor and Gaming.  This approval process has involved community consultation with residents and businesses within the immediate local area of the proposed Burpengary Community Club, via phone and interviews.  Interviews regarding the proposed Gaming license were also undertaken with various health professionals, community organisations and counselling services in the local area. 

Further to the applications, notices were placed on the site for 28 days inviting objections or submissions.  The club can confirm that 8 objections were received, and all of these being received after the closing date.  Of note, in Burpengary alone there are over 12,000 adult residents, so in reality the objections are from a very small percentage of the population.  The Regulator; the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) will now review the information and make a determination sometime in the future.

When initial discussion took place, we had a meeting with Peter Flannery, a local Moreton Bay Regional Councillor.  From this meeting we identified a number of community groups who we would see benefiting from a Community Club in Burpengary.  In supporting the local community, we have been in contact with Burpengary Rugby League, Burpengary Scouts, Narangba Crows AFL, Burpengary Netball, Burpengary Community War Memorial Committee and the Burpengary C & K Kindy and we also intend to reach out to local junior cricket and soccer clubs.

Burpengary Community Club will focus on the community.  We will employ close to 100 local staff when operating and would anticipate almost all of these will come from the local community.  We will look to develop a School Based traineeship programme with a focus on youth in the surrounding high schools.   Local employment can only be a good thing for the community.

I can only emphasise that we have a proven track record of community support and working with the wider community   This will not be changing with Burpengary Community Club opening and we want to support the community of Hervey Bay & Burpengary for everyone’s benefit.

Please see above an artist impression of the proposed club.

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